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Much has happened since the Fall of The Republic years ago. Planets have united in a true allegiance, celebrated on every planet. Justice and prosperity have spread throughout the galaxy. The Empire has risen to grand heights.

Under the leadership of our great Emperor Palpatine, Imperial forces spread throughout the galaxy, promoting the profound magnitude and philanthropic strength of the Empire wherever there is doubt or dissent. Many a brave and heroic loyalist hail to our Emperor and rejoice Imperial might.

Among the many Imperials, a select, highly-skilled few have been specially chosen to undergo a secret missionof grave importance. Rumors of a Rebel Alliance – disloyal criminals who seek the destruction of the Empire – have begun to spread, and the existence of such a threat cannot be tolerated. Under the orders of Emperor Palpatine, these elite Imperial officers are tasked with upholding the Emperor’s wisdom and investigating any potential threats from those who would seek to plunge the Empire into chaos and suffering.

Proud and resolute, our heroes march forward across the galaxy, empowered by a unifying hail of “Long Live The Empire”…..

Home Page

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